• 17
    A Beginner’s Guide to UI and UX

    If you’re redesigning and redeveloping your website, you may have come across the terms “UI” and “UX”. Puzzled by them? Not sure exactly what they refer to and how they affect or help your website’s design and development? We’re here to clear it up with a beginner’s guide to understanding UI and UX.

  • 28
    Launching Our New Custom Bingo Game Application

    Asdor Singapore Pte Ltd is a full-fledged Singapore based events management company which has been providing graphic design and events management solutions services since incorporation. They approached UtoMedia to create a bingo game application for the dinner that they organised for Great Eastern Life, and we came through for them!

  • 14
    The Importance of robots.txt for On-Page SEO

    On-site optimisation is something that should be built into your website from ground up, not applied only after web development is done. Speak to your web developers about ensuring that the appropriate on-page SEO techniques are being used for your website. In this week’s article, we’ll be looking at one of the essential parts of […]

  • 29
    The Mobile Experience, Search Data and Machine-Learning

    Capturing the mobile market is more important than ever. We’ve been repeating ad nauseam: Make sure your website is mobile-responsive at the very least, because mobile search is more important than ever.

  • 14
    CEE 2017 Post Show Report

    This report is a little late, but we’ve been busy at the UtoMedia office! We’ve all been plunged into an incredibly busy period immediately after the show with no time to take a breather, but better late than never so here’s our post-CEE report!

  • 02
    5 Way to Measure the Success of Your SEO Campaign

    Investing in search engine optimisation (SEO) goes without saying in this day and age. We’ve repeated it over and over and over, that SEO is necessary to prevent your website from being lost online. But how do you know that the money you are pouring into SEO is really working? How do you determine if […]

  • 15
    5 Digital Marketing Trends that Help Drive Sales

    Digital marketing is a potent marketing tool that businesses should be taking full advantage of. The flexibility and reach that digital marketing provides is far greater than traditional advertising, with the added benefits of potentially being much cheaper. If you are still wondering how digital marketing can help your business, check out these 5 digital […]

  • 03
    Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality

    UtoMedia’s augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions enable our clients to bring all-new immersive experiences to their customers, but what exactly is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality? If you’re confused, don’t worry! We’re going to clear it all up in today’s post.

  • 13
    Possible and Impossible: Online Marketing Techniques and What You Can Expect

    When developing a new website, whether in Singapore or elsewhere, search engine optimisation (SEO) services are non-negotiable. Together with search engine marketing (SEM), these are two major forms of online marketing that are indispensable in today’s digital climate. SEO and SEM have numerous benefits: Very low costs compared to traditional advertising. You set your own […]

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