29 August 2019

3 Reasons why your website should have a blog

Blogs are a great way of adding content to your website without distracting from the main information and copy on your website. Additionally, blogs are a useful tool for you to communicate with your customers and users, and can serve as a great branding tool, if done right.

Here are three reasons why your website should include a blog:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation

For most business sites, the content usually remains rather static (read: unchanging) over long periods of time. And really, there is no reason to keep changing the text on your website because this might confuse your customers.  However, because search engine crawlers prioritise new content, you need to find a way to constantly have fresh stuff out on your site. The solution? Start a blog!


By having a regularly updated blog, you will be able to increase your online search rankings because search crawlers will index content across the web, and give priority to new and quality content.

Besides increasing the rankings of your site, a regular online update allows your customers to feel that you bother to maintain an online presence.


One key thing to remember is to use keywords that are relevant to your business and/or products so that people using those search terms will be able to find your blog content and be directed to your site.


  1. Giving your brand a voice

Having a blog enables you to have a voice and connect with your customers in a more interactive way (you must allow comments for your posts, of course).  Having a blog allows your readers and customers to be in the know of latest updates from your company, and through the comments left by them, you can grow two-way communication and build relationships. A blog is one of the best forms of branding as it helps you to not only establish communication, but it also gives you a platform to inform, share and get customers on board with what your brand is about and what your brand is doing.



  1. Complements your social media efforts

If you are not on social media (why not?), a good idea would be to start at least a Facebook page and your blog together. You can then use your blog as a main content generator for your Facebook posts, and your Facebook page can be used as the main publicity channel to drive traffic to you website – talk about a win-win situation.



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