15 May 2017

5 Digital Marketing Trends that Help Drive Sales

Digital marketing is a potent marketing tool that businesses should be taking full advantage of. The flexibility and reach that digital marketing provides is far greater than traditional advertising, with the added benefits of potentially being much cheaper. If you are still wondering how digital marketing can help your business, check out these 5 digital marketing trends that can help you boost your sales.

Social Media Advertising


Almost everyone who is on the internet has a social media account of some sort, with most people having multiples. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Reddit, people want to be connected online, and social media platforms are where they congregate.

Different platforms appeal to different demographics, so do your research and choose the ones your customers are frequenting. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have well-established advertising channels, so take advantage of their reach and use them! Some tips to make the most of social media advertising:

  • Rotate ads frequently. Unlike traditional advertising which benefits from repetition because of one way communication, in digital advertising you want engagement. That’s not going to happen with stale content.
  • You already have social media accounts for your business, right? Use your regular posts to test your paid ads by seeing what kind of content gets more shares and reactions, and base your paid content on those.


Ever received a generic newsletter or EDM addressed to “Dear Customer”? Then went on to realise that it was advertising something you aren’t interested in at all? No one likes getting junk mail, and digital marketing helps you target your advertising to precisely target the audience that you want to reach. Your message reaches an effective audience, no one gets annoyed – it’s a win-win situation! So take advantage of targeting features provided by digital advertising platforms, and don’t forget to send different types of content to different audiences.

  • Further personalise marketing collaterals by using the customer’s name when sending emails or newsletters instead of “Dear Customer”. Of course, this means doing your due diligence when gather personal info.
  • Add a humanising touch by sending the newsletters using someone’s name instead of just plain ol’ Customer Service. Seeing “John from UtoMedia” in your inbox is way better than no-reply@utomedia.sg!


Virtually all websites give their administrators access to analytics nowadays, but are you making full use of this powerful tool? Analytics can answer many of the big wh-questions: Who are the people visiting your site? When did they? Where did they click through to reach your site? Which are the pages my site visitors are most interested in? And how can I reach them and convert site visits to sales? You will gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your ad campaigns with analytics, so don’t let this information go to waste.

  • Don’t forget to also check for problem pages – pages that have unusually high bounce or exit rates – and work on them to reduce the bounce rate. This could be as simply as reorganising the content on that page to make it easy to navigate, or may require an overhaul.
  • If you’re already using analytics effectively, why not look into predictive analytics? Instead of telling you what has already happened, it’s possible to use data mining, predictive modelling and analytical techniques to make predictions about what will happen.
Content Marketing


It has been repeated ad nauseam but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true: Content is King. With millions upon millions of websites clamouring for our attention, who has time to spend on websites that don’t provide valuable content? Valuable content here means content that interests us and provides information that we want. These types of content could include recipes, tips, gifs, videos, hacks, news or reviews. These are all valuable forms of content that add value and can be used as marketing tools.

  • Listen to feedback, especially on social media, for the type of content your customers want. This gives you a clear direction with which to take your content, because who better to let you know what your customers want than the customers themselves?
  • Taking in feedback from customers also helps to build rapport, making them feel valued and heard. Money can’t buy this sort of goodwill!
Responsive Design


Your website is mobile responsive, right? In this day and age, you couldn’t possibly still have a website that isn’t mobile responsive? Because you really should have had a mobile responsive website since, well, yesterday. We keep harping on and on about mobile responsive designs on this blog, but it’s for good reason. Digital marketing on mobile is more important than ever, with ever increasing numbers of people accessing the internet via their smartphones and non-mobile responsive sites being penalised by Google on the search engine results pages.

  • It doesn’t matter how good your ad campaign is if someone clicks through to your website on mobile, then realises it isn’t mobile responsive and clicks away. Even worse, you might lose them to a competitor who has a mobile responsive site!
  • Resources are limited. Use them wisely. Ensure your website is up to supporting your campaign.

And that’s it! 5 digital marketing trends that you should use to really boost your sales. If you’re interested in learning more, just drop us a line at 6817 0533!

By: Digital Marketing Team, UtoMedia

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