11 July 2019

How to Advertise on Google?

In the digital world of marketing, Google ads represent a perfect way to show to the world that you are capable of giving through your product/service to the people in order to fill a vacuum. How do small businesses and big-time industrial setups go about getting the desired results? The following steps will be of advantage to any prototype of web design online.

Your Daily Budget

The first primary step when you log into your account is to look at your budget. Here to  determine what you want to spend each day of the week. A perfect starting point should be around $10 per day. As progress takes shape, you can gradually top your daily expenditure.

Your Location

Definitely, you have a location in mind where your customers can be found. After determining your daily budget, the next thing to do to achieve the desired results in this online marketing scheme should be to set your desired location. Google ads will give you the benefits of this. Once done, you can now look in the next direction moving forward.

Your Network

The next step is to choose the network that will give you expectations that you needed. You have the choice to go beyond your boundaries. Displaying your ads on display network will enable your ads to show up on other sites. This is called Google Display Networks (GDN). Gmail, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are the most powerful networks. Starting with display network will enable you to get to the right targets if you are a new startup. If you have a small business to market, then this type of ad will definitely suit your purpose.

Your Keywords

This is yet another key factor that will determine the fate of your campaign. With the right keywords in place, you will be able to trigger a ripple effect on Google ads. This will position your brand on the first page of the search engine. You will get good suggestions of keywords from Google which will give you better exposure. There are keywords that are more than two words referred to as long-tail keywords. You can focus on to get yourself properly sorted out.

The Keyword Bid

After settling for your particular keyword, the next thing that you are expected to do is to set the limit of the keyword. This is referring to the amount you are prepared to spend per click on your ad.

Write Your Ad

After going through all the five step detailed above; now you need to effectively write the ad that will appear on your e-commerce website marketing campaign. Here, two headlines and a description will be required from you. There are limits to the number of characters that you are allowed. For the headline, the limit is not more than 30 characters. For your description, the elastic limit is not more than 90 characters. When you play by the rules of the characters, then you are set to execute a successful campaign that will attract the leads to your product or service.

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