Fitness App

Technology can elevate the process of getting fit. Pair your app’s functionality with the fitness community’s goals to attract this market.

The fitness industry in Singapore is changing. Gone are the days when heading to a big name gym was the epitome of fitness. With the advent of smartphone adoption and increased capabilities, exercise has now become linked to smartphone apps. From fitness trackers to dietary aids, if you have an idea, we can develop it. Here are just some of the features that we can implement for you:

  • Monetise your app via one-off payment, monthly subscription or free with ad integration
  • Include videos, illustrations or photo sequences of exercise routines to follow, categorise by targeted body part, time taken, intensity or difficulty level
  • Track calories intake and incorporate a food database into the app
  • Track calories burnt
  • Track water intake
  • Recommend exercises and routines base on age, fitness level, targeted body part, etc
  • Pedometer function
  • GPS-enabled to track running, cycling or swimming distances & routes
  • Provide analytics such as fastest speed, average speed, total distance, average distance, etc
  • Social media integration so users can add friends, post updates to social media platforms, share achievements, etc
  • Pair with devices such as fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors, etc
  • Incorporate a music library or allow the phone’s music app to run simultaneously to provide a soundtrack to exercising
  • Gamify exercise by including preset achievements or medals, or let users set their own goals
  • Recipes section with recommended recipes to fulfill fitness goals such as bulking, weight loss, clean eating and more
  • Story-based run or walk workout
  • Link app to website where users can log in to continue tracking their stats
F&B App

Leverage the myriad uses of technology to bring even more convenience and greater access to your customers.

The F&B scene has always been extremely competitive, and a dedicated mobile app is just the thing to give your business the edge you need over your competitors. Empower your customers with access to everything they need at their fingertips. Whether it’s a restaurant booking, online ordering or food delivery app, for single restaurants or as a marketplace, UtoMedia has the expertise to develop the app for you.

  • Great design that is visually appealing and easily navigable
  • Restaurant reservation function with ability to select date, time and number of pax
  • Recommendations by area, map, type of cuisine, occasion, family-friendly, etc
  • Online menu
  • Special occasions menu
  • Food festival menu
  • Space for banner promotions/advertisements
  • Online order for pickup or delivery
  • Automatic calculation of GST and service and delivery charges (if applicable)
  • Discount code function
  • Gift cards/vouchers function
  • Loyalty programme
  • Integration with GPS feature to show location of delivery rider
  • Ability for users to leave reviews and ratings
  • Social media integration
  • Integrate with queue system
eCommerce Shopping App

Statistics from Google show that 89% of smartphone users between age 25 to 34 make purchases online. Younger adults aged 18 to 24 aren’t far behind – 88% of them use smartphones to make online purchases. Capitalise on this market by developing your own e-commerce online shopping app with UtoMedia.

We have the capability to build two different types of e-commerce apps for you: marketplace apps and online store apps. A marketplace allows different sellers to use your platform to sell to consumers, while an online store app is specific to one seller.

Marketplace apps will have several features that are unique to it:

  • Users can register as buyer or seller
  • Each seller gets their own storefront
  • Sellers have access to dashboard to update their storefront with products, edit product listings, upload photos, etc
  • Notifications for new orders, questions, etc
  • Able to dealing with enquiries
  • Update order fulfillment status

It will also have features that are common with our custom online store apps to create the most enjoyable mobile shopping experience:

  • Easily navigable layout
  • Space for abundance of clear images with image gallery
  • Include videos e.g. catwalk for fashion apparel
  • Dynamic shopping cart
  • Easy check out with guest checkout option
  • Secure payment
  • Support multiple payment options such as credit cards, bank transfer, mobile payments and third party payment options such as PayPal

Dedicated shopping apps have advantages over a mobile responsive website. Namely, the shopping process is shorter, quicker to load and completely optimized for mobile in a way that even a mobile responsive website may not be able to duplicate.

Entertainment App

The consumption of media via smartphones and tablets has risen sharply over the past few years. Capitalise on this growth by building and monetizing your own entertainment app.

comScore released a white paper in 2016 analysing the total use of digital media. The report found that usage of digital media has tripled since 2010, and has grown more than 30% since 2013. An overwhelmingly large part of this growth – more than 90%! – comes from consumers on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. As of December 2015, the report found that users are spending over 13,125 hours per year on their smartphones alone!

Millennials (ages 18 to 34) are the demographic that spends the most time consuming media on their phones, so if your client base consist of a significant portion of millennials, investing in developing and maintaining a mobile entertainment app could be a great way of capturing their screen time.

Regardless of the type of content you produce, UtoMedia can build an appropriate app for you.

  • Movie/video streaming
  • Web radio
  • Music streaming
  • Live streaming
  • Dedicated film/music/other event festival app
    • Include the festival programme/line-up
    • Ability to purchase tickets
    • Discount function
    • Push notifications for updates
    • Promotions
  • Web comic feed
  • Quiz apps
News App

Deliver the information that people are craving with a news app that is customised to your audience.

From political developments to entertainment gossip to local happenings, there aren’t many people in the general populace nowadays who don’t keep abreast of current affairs. Implement features to your news app that will add value to the news stories that you provide your readers with.

  • Monetise the app with ad and banner space, pop-up advertisements and native advertising
  • Unlimited categories for stories
  • Combine news feeds from various sources
  • Tags for news stories
  • Ticker-tape for breaking news headlines
  • Push notifications for breaking news or sports alerts
  • Allows users to filter news stories by date
  • Implement accessibility features such as a read-to-me feature for visually impaired and ability to adjust font size
  • Share to social media function for stories
  • Enable account creation or social media login for users to personalise their app experience: choose categories of interest to view first, recommended stories of interest based on past viewing history, etc
  • Enable the submission of news stories, alerts, ideas, letters or commentary
  • Comment on stories of interest
Chatbot Development

Singaporeans spend over 12 hours in gadgets daily, mainly on their mobile phones. While on their phones, the bulk of their time is spent using communication apps. Don’t you want to reach your customers where they spend so much of their time?

A chatbot is a programme that interacts with your customers (and, more importantly, potential customers) using a chat interface. It performs an automated task either triggered by commands or AI-based. This service could be functional or just for fun, and it could live in any major chat app such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack, WhatsApp or Telegram.

Some of the most famous chatbots around now are Apple’s Siri, Android’s Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Developing AI-based chatbots like these require resources that the average SME cannot afford. But this does not mean that SMEs can’t leverage the benefits of chatbots! Command-based chatbots are much cheaper to develop, and extremely accessible. Here are some of the benefits a chatbot brings to SMEs:

  • Disseminate simple information to customers such as opening hours or branch locations with no waiting times (compared to a phone hotline) or data wastage (if looking up this information online)
  • Answer FAQs
  • Broadcast marketing materials

As a bonus, you can personalize the personality of your chatbot to truly represent your company’s culture! Let customers self-serve in the areas of customer support, e-commerce, real estate and more to gain greater levels of customer satisfaction.

Mobile App Design & Development

Strategise to combine the most appropriate marketing techniques with the most important elements of mobile app design and development to capture, captivate and keep your target customers.

We take the time to discover what you want your mobile app to accomplish and craft a strategy that sets you on track to achieving these goals while remaining consistent with your company values. Depending on your aims for the app, our mobile app strategists will map out a customised user experience that is truly functional and valuable to users.

In addition, we will make sure your new mobile app appeals visually to your target demographic. At first glance, mobile app design may seem similar to mobile website design. But in reality, there are many different factors to take into account – key among them being user patterns. UtoMedia will create a goal-driven user interface with our clients, one that is attractive yet practical to engage users and keep them coming back. We will discover what product or service your customers are looking for and make this easy to access via the app.

Ease of navigation will be taken into account when designing the app, which will be optimised to minimise or eliminate experiences that can cause users to stop using the app. Don’t let a “fat finger” complaint kill the app for a user!

Finally, we will build the app and conduct extensive testing to ensure the app works as it should across a cross-section of devices. Security features will be built into the app, not just bolted on as an afterthought as a customers’ data leak would spell a PR disaster, so security is of utmost importance. Analytics are available so that you can track what users are doing with the app – invaluable information for your business. We ensure that there is a feedback channel that is intuitive to use too so that users can easily get in contact. In this age of instant gratification, we also ensure that your app loads fast enough that users don’t simply close it and move on to the next item on their agenda.

Mobile App Development

Increase your online presence while connecting with users across different platforms.

We could talk about the different platforms we can use to develop your mobile app for you, or we can tell you what you want to know: the features that really matter to you. When developing a mobile app for your business, we ensure that security features are built into the app, not just bolted on as an afterthought. A leak of customers’ data would spell a PR disaster, so security is of utmost importance.

Analytics are available so that you can track what users are doing with the app – invaluable information for your business. We ensure that there is a feedback channel that is intuitive to use too so that users can easily get in contact. In this age of instant gratification, we also ensure that your app loads fast enough that users don’t simply close it and move on to the next item on their agenda.

Have a project in mind? Speak to us today and tell us more! We will be glad to collaborate with you.