28 September 2019

The Best PHP Scripts to Send Emails

Email PHP scripts are widely used and they allow you to send emails about your business or services to a large number of people through bulk emailed in a short amount of time.

Unlimited emails can be created and sent using beautiful templates that come with the editor to as many recipients as you want with the help of PHP email application. The SMTP username and password can be easily changed while sending emails using this email marketing tool. This post looks at the best PHP scripts for sending emails that are by a web development company and a web design company. Some of the following features would be found in the below-listed email PHP scripts.

  • Documentation: All of the listed scripts consist of this useful installation guide that helps with setting up the software.
  • Reports and Productive Analysis: Campaign statistics such as bounces and clicks can be checked with this on a daily, monthly or even yearly basis.
  • Customization: Your own customized templates can be created and unlimited emails can be sent with the help of the email PHP script.
  • Auto-Responder: It is a sequence of email messages which would be sent to the subscribers in the order and in the time period decided.
  1. Berevi Newsletter: Email Marketing App

Bereviis considered to be one of the most powerful email marketing applications out there whose script is written in PHP. Thousands of emails can be sent using it without any limitation while using CSV file imports. Website Development Singapore companies and website design Singapore companies use this amazing tool.

It offers you with the full PHP newsletter system that includes a dashboard overview where one can see the total number of group lists. The number of subscribers and more, it even provides PHP mail or SMTP, easy IMAP mailbox system.

This email app is easy to download as it has a friendly installation wizard. It is also multilingual and helps convert to just about any language. Some of the useful features provided by the script included are as follows.

  • Multiple themes and layouts selection are provided by the script by which one can send emails with a beautiful format. It even has a feature to handle the bounced emails automatically.
  • QR code can be added to campaigns as it would allow one to work with a highly secure barcode. Social networking tags can also be added to campaigns with the help of this PHP script. It is used by website design companies and website development companies.
  • It even has a registration form where one can modify according to their needs since it is highly customizable. The functionality of automatic email format verification is one of the best parts of the PHP scripts.
  • Furthermore, it has an autonomous tracking system which operates just like a view counter.
  1. PHP Mailer

PHP Mailer provides you with much functionality over the PHP core function offered by mail including HTML messages, SMTP SSL encryption and authentication, file attachment and more.

Besides, PHP Mailer is a lot easier to use as compared to mail and even provide a readable, clean object-oriented syntax.

Why Use PHP Mailer?

There are at least two good reasons to use this PHP scripts to send emails. First of all, the mail relies on sever email subsystems in order to work. It means that in case you want to make changes to some of the settings such as the authentication parameters or SMTP server, it would need to be done system wide. Thus, it usually is a difficult operation, and a dedicated server or a local PHP development environment would be needed.

This makes it just about impossible to make use of different configurations at the same time, for instance switching between them programmatically and using multiple SMTP accounts. Since PHP Mailer allows for any of the parameters to be changed easily right in the PHP script, it is the go-to PHP script for sending emails.

Secondly, mail does not offer you with any of the advanced functionality. Mail is only fine when sending plain and simple text emails, but it is rather limited if it is needed for anything more than that. Sending HTML emails or adding attachments for instance is quite difficult with mail, but PHP Mailer on the other hand just requires a single line of code to do so.

  1. Email Flow

One of the simplest tools out there for email PHP scripts is Email Flow. There is no need for any coding skills in order to set up the app. It only needs to be downloaded and setup using the given installation and usage guide.

It comes with calendar functionality in its useful dashboard. The number of emails sent on just about every date can be seen and managed accordingly. Multiple groups can be created and emails can be sent to group clients. A separate section for group management can be made where one can keep data regarding the group emails. You can even check the total number of group emails from the group management section.

Email accounts can be created with your own domain name when using this PHP script which means that are allowed to change the SMTP password/ username for the outgoing mail. Templates can be either selected or created with the editor 2013 Office.

  1. Lethe PHP Newsletter and Mailing System

It is a rather unique PHP newsletter script which helps you send appealing newsletters to subscribers via email within just minutes. Furthermore, it has a highly customizable mailing system which allows you to design your very own email template.

Email templates can also be purchased online to add to the template archive. The existing templates can even be edited with the helping of the rich editor that is present in this tool. The system can be a lifesaver for just about everyone.


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