22 October 2019

Website Design Best Practices You Can Implement Today

It is possible to have a successful business without a website, but not very likely.


When you have an online presence, then your customers can find you easily. There are more opportunities for lead development because your site creates natural opportunities to interact with your brand.


Your approach to web design will either improve your chances of closing a sale or drive customers to your competition. That is why it’s essential to follow these best practices with your approach so that you can experience more success.


7 Ways to Improve Your Web Design Right Now


Your approach to branding must be consistent. If there are problems in this area with your design, then customers will experience confusion and stress. Use your logo, colours, and verbiage in a way that lets your story be evident on every page and post.


Then you’ll want to focus on these additional best practices to improve the visitor experience.


  1. Use a strong call-to-action on each page.

A reliable website design will attract a lot of visitors from your target market. A productive one will turn those people into paying customers, which is whyyou must create opportunities for individuals to complete an action during their stay. As a best practice, you should include a call-to-action on each page and post you create. Most domains have them at the end of the content, so consider putting one above the fold to attract immediate attention.


  1. Improve your site’s loading time.

When your website takes more than one second to load, then the risk of losing traffic increases. Sales continue to drop for each additional second of loading time it takes to access your pages. About half of people expect everything to be ready for them in less than two seconds. That means you will want to look at the size of your files, photos, and site additions to see if you can reduce them.


  1. Focus on search engine optimisation.

SEO is one of the fastest and most useful website design best practices you can follow today. There are several features you can focus on when making improvements in this area. Your XML sitemaps, on-page tags and elements, and schema can all impact the final impression you leave with a visitor. If you’re not sure how to improve the technical aspects of your site, then make your content as valuable as possible. Better value almost always equates to higher placement in the SERPs.


  1. You must create a responsive site.

Google has given ranking priority to sites that are mobile-friendly for about five years now. Over 80% of potential customers stop engaging with a website if the content you have doesn’t display correctly on their screen. That’s why you must have a responsive website design as part of your online presence. The benefit of this best practice is that the same code can adjust to each screen size or browser so that the information displays correctly.


  1. Create easy ways to navigate around your site.

Giving a visitor access to choices can improve the user experience of your website. If you give people too many selections to ponder, then the value of your web design decreases. Try to limit your navigation menu bar to six items or less. Then incorporate a search bar above-the-fold on your site so that people can access specific content items. You’ll want to include pertinent contact information or use a chat box for the leads who have questions that your site doesn’t resolve.


  1. Start to use breadcrumbs on your website.

If you have a significant online presence, then breadcrumbs help your visitors to know where they are on your site. This design element makes it easier to review specific categories or go back to a previous page.


  1. Improve the quality of your digital images.

When you include high-quality images with your web design, then it can increase user engagement. This option will create more visitor views while reducing your bounce rate. All of these issues are critical components of value that search engines take into consideration. Just remember to upload files in a compressed format instead of using the RAW image so that there aren’t speed issues that develop over time.


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These ideas are an excellent way to make simple improvements that can generate significant results. Our expert team will help your brand show off its originality without compromising the consistency and value you offer.


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