15 July 2019

What is Laravel for your web development?

Over the years, PHP has truly evolved and added many modern features to fulfill the demands of web developers. Each of the PHP frameworks has its own capabilities, features and implementation. Laravel offers unique features such as Homestead, Blade template, and Query Builder, Restful Routing and Eloquent which make it a great framework to use.

Due to the advanced architecture and syntax of Laravel, website designers and the like have fallen in love with it. The main goal of Laravel is to make the life of a developer easy and to make web application programming exciting.

What is a Framework?

Before you learn more about Laravel, it is important to understand what a framework is. Generally, a framework is a set of guidelines and conceptual structure which is used for building something useful.

Software Framework

A software framework is used for providing the software with an abstraction of its generic functionality. It can be changed selectively by writing additional code and providing the software with application-specific work. A software framework is used for building and the deployment of applications. It is used to build something through the use of different components that communicate with the external APIs and have the application’s structure defined.  Here are some of the things which a software framework allows you to do the following.

  • Clean Code: One of the main uses of software framework is to write usable and clean code.
  • Reduce Complexity: It makes it easier for you to deal with complex situations as it breaks them down into smaller tasks.
  • Coding Guidelines: The framework forces guidelines for teams to follow. This helps promote consistent codebase which leads to less bugs.
  • Testing and Debugging: It makes it easy to test and debug.
  • Scaling: It allows you to scale on demand. The framework makes it easy for you to scale on demand no matter how fast the application grows.

Web Framework

The web framework is another software framework that allows you to create web applications including APIs and web services. Users will be able to make components which are reusable and perform the regular tasks easily.

PHP Framework

The PHP framework consists of a set of PHP classes that help create web applications.


Laravel is one of the most used PHP frameworks across the globe. It is used for creating web applications, from big to small projects. It is the ultimate choice for professional developers due to its scalability, features, and performance.

Model View Controller (MVC) structure is followed by Laravel as it makes it easy for others to learn and prototype the web applications rapidly. Web application development will no longer be a pain with the help of Laravel as it provides built-in features such as sessions, routing, mail and more.

One can easily customize with Laravel and create their own project structures that meet the needs of the web application. Write code with ease when you use Laravel’s elegant syntax. Taylor Otwell created Laravel in 2011. Ever since its launch, the framework has undergone many changes and is compatible with all of the latest web technologies.

Key Features

There are many features in the Laravel framework which make it a large ecosystem such as Templating, Routing, DB query, ORM, routing, instant deployment and more. The following are some of the features of the Laravel framework which make it distinctive from others.

  1. Dependency Management

One of the best features of Laravel is dependency management. It understands the functionality of the service container (IOC) as it is the core part for learning the modern web applications. For Laravel, Service Container or IOC is most effective for managing class dependencies. In order to remove hard-coded classes, Dependency Injection is the method which is used.

  1. Modularity

It is the degree for which the web application components are separated and recombined. The business logic can be split into different modules that work together to make the web application functional. Laravel has been designed to create modular applications. Laravel is in fact a collection of components. Large-scale enterprise applications can be designed and developed using the modular structure easily. Extremely simple guidelines are provided by Laravel for the creation of packages or modules in Laravel.

  1. Authentication

It is one of the integral parts of just about every modern web application. It takes a lot time to write authentication in other frameworks like Code Igniter. Laravel offers authentication and with just a simple command, a fully functional authentication system can be developed. Handy documentation is also provided by Laravel for implementing of authentication.

  1. Caching

You have probably heard of caching. It is a technique which is used for storing data in temporary storage locations and allows you to retrieve data quickly whenever needed. Caching is a great way to improve the performance of the application. Almost all of the data is cached, by Laravel. This helps ensure that the processing time is reduced which increases the performance.

  1. Routing

Laravel makes it easy for one to understand routing just like Ruby on Rails. A restful application can be easily created with Laravel routing. Routes can be grouped, named, applied filters to and bounded with the model data.  Search engine friendly URLs can be created with Laravel routes.

  1. Restful Controllers

The restful controllers of Laravel enable users to separate the logical behind the POST or GET requests. Resource controllers can be created that would be used for the creation of CRUD. The resource controller can be bounded for routing.

  1. Testing and Debugging

PHP Unit comes with Laravel and is used for testing the applications. Testing is something that is at the heart of Laurel. It is used for supporting of testing and debugging as well.

  1. Security

Laravel allows you to create a secure web application. The passwords stored on Laravel are hashed instead of the plain text passwords. Security is provided by Laurel from SQL injection attacks.


Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks out there. It helps with developing powerful applications. Anyone can use the framework to create applications.



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