• 17
    The Benefits of WooCommerce AsYour First Ecommerce Website

    WooCommerce a leading and free e-commerce shopping system designed by WordPress for their CMS. WordPress allows you to install WooCommerce plugin into your website and enable product insertion and online selling on your store. This plugin is capable to transform your simple blog into a fully featured online store. More and more people choose this […]

  • 22
    Difference between Static and Dynamic Website Design

    When it comes to design a professional business website, you have to choose from two different types of websites, a static website or a dynamic website. A static website is fixed and can only be extended by someone who is good with programming. Even a dynamic website can be managed by anyone with basic knowledge […]

  • 16
    What to Look For When Hiring a UI Web Designer

    If you would like a new website design, you now have countless options. You can choose a platform where you can assemble a website with just a few clicks. However, you will soon run into limitations with a somewhat less simple website. Of course you can also rent a server yourself and get started with […]

  • 09
    Content Management Systems for Small Businesses

    What is a Content Management System and what do you use it for? If you are an entrepreneur and planning to get some online exposure with a brand new website then you must know what CMS is and what the benefits are. What is the CMS? A content management system is a software application or […]

  • 28
    Convert Social Media Followers into Paid Customers

    Every entrepreneur want to take his business to the next level. After all, you work really hard achieve your targets. But as soon as you start generating leads on website, the company divert all its focus from social media to other services. That’s not fair. Social media can certainly help you to grow your business […]

  • 23
    6 FREE SEO Tools to Rank Your Website Higher on SERP

    The SEO community continues to grow dynamically. As Google has recently launched a core update last month, the whole community is worried about this new algorithm change. More and more webmasters and business owners are beginning to feel that optimizing their websites or e-shops can bring them sustainable benefits over time. Keeping your websites updated […]

  • 06
    WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Personal

    It was January 2018 when WhatsApp officially launches a business app. Now companies can create a WhatsApp Business account with all ease. The goal of WhatsApp Business account is to make it easier for companies to communicate with their customers directly with no cost at all. People want to be able to reach companies in […]

  • 18
    Different types of Application Solutions

    There are different app solutions for very diverse issues. For example, you have a web app, mobile app (native app) or hybrid app. In this blog I explain the difference between the applications and what the apps are suitable for. Web App? You might be thinking that a website is also called Web App, Right? […]

  • 09
    How to Design a Customer Friendly Business Card?

    An effective business card is not just a piece of paper with your personal and company details, but also a means to convey the branding and strength of your brand. The perfect business card design is neither too empty nor too full. In this article, you can read how to draw attention to your competitors […]

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