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    The Best PHP Scripts to Send Emails

    Email PHP scripts are widely used and they allow you to send emails about your business or services to a large number of people through bulk emailed in a short amount of time. Unlimited emails can be created and sent using beautiful templates that come with the editor to as many recipients as you want […]

  • 15
    What’s in a logo?

    If you think of any brand, what is the first image that comes to mind? The most common answer would be the brand’s logo, right? For example when we think of McDonalds, we think of the golden arches and vice versa. A brand’s logo is often the first impression for any company or brand, and […]

  • 04
    Your guide to new design trends for web and mobile design

    Just like fashion design, web design (or design in general) also has its own trends. One just has to look at past designs of say, the 90s, or even as recent as 00s, to realise how designs which were considered trendy then already look dated now. So, just as our wardrobes are constantly updated, it […]

  • 29
    3 Reasons why your website should have a blog

    Blogs are a great way of adding content to your website without distracting from the main information and copy on your website. Additionally, blogs are a useful tool for you to communicate with your customers and users, and can serve as a great branding tool, if done right. Here are three reasons why your website […]

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    The 7 Best Sources of JavaScript Scripts

    JavaScript or JS is easily the most used language on the internet and there are billions of sources for the Script for various purposes such as learning and simply using. Now, due to an abundance of choice, it can be rather demotivating to figure out where to start from. It can be difficult to sort […]

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    The 7 Best Sources of PHP Scripts

    PHP is one of the most interesting languages out there since much of it actually exists as modular chunks of code which could be run independently of each other. This leads to sharing of code being easy for someone else as they can simply plug it into their own website and have it working right […]

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    Ways to Promote Your Products on Google

    In the business world of today, it is very important for your business whether it is small scale or big scale to appear on Google where the real customers are waiting for your brand. When you want to create a high performing ad today, it is complicated and time consuming. Getting the right website design […]

  • 24
    The History of the JavaScript Code

    When it comes to web, JavaScript continues to the most popular language. This post looks at the origins of the language and how it now powers robots and apps. However, it all started over 20 years ago with Sun Microsystems and Netscape. Understanding the history of JavaScript scripts or JS for short is vital as […]

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    What is Laravel for your web development?

    Over the years, PHP has truly evolved and added many modern features to fulfill the demands of web developers. Each of the PHP frameworks has its own capabilities, features and implementation. Laravel offers unique features such as Homestead, Blade template, and Query Builder, Restful Routing and Eloquent which make it a great framework to use. […]

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