• 18
    Different types of Application Solutions

    There are different app solutions for very diverse issues. For example, you have a web app, mobile app (native app) or hybrid app. In this blog I explain the difference between the applications and what the apps are suitable for. Web App? You might be thinking that a website is also called Web App, Right? […]

  • 09
    How to Design a Customer Friendly Business Card?

    An effective business card is not just a piece of paper with your personal and company details, but also a means to convey the branding and strength of your brand. The perfect business card design is neither too empty nor too full. In this article, you can read how to draw attention to your competitors […]

  • 03
    Basic Design Tips for a Mobile Application

    Every designer should know certain rules before creating a mobile app. A lot of designers usually feel that all their knowledge is obvious, but should remember that, normally, this is not the case for most of the population. Sometimes a design specialist has to take a little distance to see the bigger picture of life. […]

  • 24
    Reasons to add multiple payment options in your website

    If you own an e-Commerce website, you have undoubtedly thought about the payment methods you want to integrate. If you are active in the Singapore, PayPal and stripe are indispensable, but which payment methods do you choose when you go for more?How many payment methods are actually best to have on your website? In this […]

  • 18
    5 Tips for Maintaining an SEO-Friendly Blog

    Blogging is nowadays the way to put your company on the map. Company blogs also fulfill the information need and specialize in a field. Telling stories about your organization, the way of working or the knowledge that the company has to give your organization prestige and identity. The success behind blogs is convenience. Writing a […]

  • 06
    Improve Your Website Speed Today

    After a long search, you are finally out: you go for those cool black sneakers. Which are also in the discount. A bargain that you cannot pass up. You joyfully click on the shopping cart and then got exactly nothing! The page hangs and loading next steps seems to take forever. You throw in the […]

  • 30
    5 Answers Why You Should Hire aPro Web Designer

    In this modern age of digital and internet, it is essential to build your online presence to grow your business. A modern style website is the central figure in modern marketing strategy. Without a website, a business has very poor chance to become big. But there are so many websites making people quite spoiled in […]

  • 22
    Website Design Best Practices You Can Implement Today

    It is possible to have a successful business without a website, but not very likely.   When you have an online presence, then your customers can find you easily. There are more opportunities for lead development because your site creates natural opportunities to interact with your brand.   Your approach to web design will either […]

  • 28
    The Best PHP Scripts to Send Emails

    Email PHP scripts are widely used and they allow you to send emails about your business or services to a large number of people through bulk emailed in a short amount of time. Unlimited emails can be created and sent using beautiful templates that come with the editor to as many recipients as you want […]

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