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    The 7 Best Sources of JavaScript Scripts

    JavaScript or JS is easily the most used language on the internet and there are billions of sources for the Script for various purposes such as learning and simply using. Now, due to an abundance of choice, it can be rather demotivating to figure out where to start from. It can be difficult to sort […]

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    The 7 Best Sources of PHP Scripts

    PHP is one of the most interesting languages out there since much of it actually exists as modular chunks of code which could be run independently of each other. This leads to sharing of code being easy for someone else as they can simply plug it into their own website and have it working right […]

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    Ways to Promote Your Products on Google

    In the business world of today, it is very important for your business whether it is small scale or big scale to appear on Google where the real customers are waiting for your brand. When you want to create a high performing ad today, it is complicated and time consuming. Getting the right website design […]

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    The History of the JavaScript Code

    When it comes to web, JavaScript continues to the most popular language. This post looks at the origins of the language and how it now powers robots and apps. However, it all started over 20 years ago with Sun Microsystems and Netscape. Understanding the history of JavaScript scripts or JS for short is vital as […]

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    What is Laravel for your web development?

    Over the years, PHP has truly evolved and added many modern features to fulfill the demands of web developers. Each of the PHP frameworks has its own capabilities, features and implementation. Laravel offers unique features such as Homestead, Blade template, and Query Builder, Restful Routing and Eloquent which make it a great framework to use. […]

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    How to Advertise on Google?

    In the digital world of marketing, Google ads represent a perfect way to show to the world that you are capable of giving through your product/service to the people in order to fill a vacuum. How do small businesses and big-time industrial setups go about getting the desired results? The following steps will be of […]

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    Optimize Your E-commerce Product Page to Boost Conversions

    The prediction on the growth of the US e-commerce sale is expected to get a whopping 638 billion dollars by the turn of the year 2022. With this rapid growth in the sector, brands want to take the most advantage of the situation. But the reality shows that there are several brands that are still […]

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    The Basics of CSS in Web Design

    Cascading Style Sheets or CCS for short is one of the most important languages for creating attractive web pages. Knowing the basics of CSS will help you with web design. This post explains all the basics of CSS to ensure that you have an idea about it. There are certain prerequisites to CSS which include […]

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    Benefits of Mobile-Website Optimization

    The technology on the internet is changing for the better with every passing day. The rapid growth in the use of mobile devices by every adult is of great advantage to business owners. They will reap the benefits if they are able to set-up a mobile-friendly website design. What are the benefits of doing this? […]

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