Don’t ever be tied down to the location of properties for rent or sale again with a VR property listing.

Every property agent has had to face scheduling problems when showing properties to prospective renters or buyers. Racing from one property to another with fingers crossed that traffic doesn’t delay you and make you late for your next appointment will now be a thing of the past with our LiveTour mobile app.

Create a virtual reality LiveTour of all your properties from just US$9/month. All you need is an iPhone or Android smartphone – no bulky equipment needed! We provide add-ons such as a 360° camera or clip-on fish-eye lens that make creating VR LiveTours even easier and quicker but they are 100% optional.

Create your LiveTour in a few easy steps:

  • Bring your smartphone with you to the property
  • Take 360° panoramic shots of every room
  • Login to our web platform and stitch the panoramas together
  • Add your panoramas to the floorplan and select the standpoint
  • Highlight features, add notes, buy links for furniture and more (optional, but recommended)

And that’s it! Brand your LiveTours with your logo to make sure no one else claims credit for your work, and they’re ready to be shared to social media, your website and MLS for viewing anytime, anywhere with any device with an internet connection. It takes just minutes to create your LiveTour! We recommend using VR goggles for the most immersive experience, but 360° tours can also be viewed without VR goggles.

Experience the convenience and immersive power of VR today.