The CDG was created by SPRING Singapore to finance a wide range of capability upgrading initiatives, including consultancy, raising service standards, adopting technology to staff training and overseas expansion.

What does the CDG provide?

The CDG defrays 70% of qualifying project costs such as consultancy, training, certification and equipment costs. This grant is intended to support large scale upgrading projects in 10 different areas, such as increasing productivity, process improvement, product development and market access.

There is no cap at the moment on the maximum claim amount. However, claim amounts of $30,000 and below (i.e. for project costs of approximately $45,000 and below) have a simplified application process compared to claims of higher amounts.

What are the 10 development areas?

  1. Branding & Marketing Strategy Development
  2. Business Excellence
  3. Business Strategy Innovation
  4. Enhancing Quality & Standards
  5. Financial Management
  6. Human Capital Development
  7. Intellectual Property & Franchising
  8. Productivity Improvement
  9. Service Excellence
  10. Technology Innovation

What can UtoMedia do for me?

UtoMedia has the expertise to assist you with projects in the following three areas of capability development:

Brand and Marketing Strategy Development

You may have a great product or service, but if no one knows about it how are you going to sell it? Marketing is integral to raising awareness of your product or service and identifying the right audience, understanding them and getting your message across is essential to success. An effective marketing strategy will give direction to your marketing efforts, maximise your ROI and result in greater brand awareness, customer acquisition and retention rates.

UtoMedia can assist you with:

  • Market research
  • Competitor research
  • Crafting an effective and comprehensive online marketing strategy, including SEO and SEM or PPC advertising
  • Analysis of web traffic and statistics
  • Implement techniques to increase site traffic and conversion rates
  • Establishing a roadmap to establishing marketing goals
Technology Innovation

With software becoming ever more sophisticated, there’s no time like the present to tap into smart tools and solutions to increase your business efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

Let UtoMedia help you:

  • Develop new sales channels online and on mobile
  • Enable product development by leveraging on new technology
  • Automate and streamline office processes by using new IT solutions
  • Increase customer engagement by utilising novel techniques
  • Improve service quality and delivery with customised solutions
Business Strategy Innovation

Business Strategy Innovation is an approach that uses innovation methods and tools such as Business Model Innovation, Design Thinking and Service Innovation to transform your knowledge and ideas into new and improved products, processes, services or business models.

UtoMedia can:

  • Help diversify your business onto new digital platforms
  • Set up infrastructure in support of new IT capabilities
  • Research and identify market trends and opportunities that your business can exploit
  • Conduct analysis to identify environmental and market gaps that can affect your company’s performance
  • Develop a roadmap for developing and implementing new products and services, increasing customer engagement and improving organisational structure and information flow

Am I eligible for the CDG grant?

If your company is:

  • Registered and operating in Singapore; and
  • Have at least 30% local shareholding; and
  • Group annual sales turnover is less than S$100 million OR you have group employment of less than 200 employees

Then YES you are eligible for CDG!

All applications will be assessed by SPRING who will take into consideration your needs, the project scope and competency of the service provider in improving your business capabilities.

Important! Ensure that your project commences on or after the Project Commencement Date in your CDG application after submission to SPRING. UtoMedia will not ask for an initial deposit or enter into a contract before the Project Commencement Date to comply with this requirement.

How do I apply for this grant?

  1. Identify your company’s business & growth needs and match them to the business capability area covered by the CDG
  2. Discuss your project with a SPRING officer or SME Centre business advisor
  3. Choose a solution provider and/or consultant to discuss the project implementation details and prepare your application
  4. Prepare your CDG application, including your company’s latest ACRA form, audited financial statements, project proposals, quotations and consultant’s proposal
  5. Submit your CDG application online via your SingPass account at

My application has been approved. I’ve been told I’ll only get the grant after the project is completed. How long does a CDG project typically take?

Firstly, congratulations! It’s a pretty long process to getting your proposal approved, but now you’re well on your way to increasing your business capabilities. Each CDG project is different, so the time frames differ too. In our experience, however, the projects usually take between 3 to 9 months depending on the complexity of your project. This includes the time taken to research, meet up with your vendors and consultants, and set up a roadmap with clear objectives and KPI.

How do I get the grant?

After your project is completed, you will have to submit a Final Project Report along with supporting documents within 6 months of the scheduled date of completion. Details and templates are available on SPRING’s website.

SPRING will then disburse the grant within 6 to 8 weeks via GIRO to your company’s bank account.

Can I claim PIC on top of the CDG?

Yes, you can claim PIC even if you received the CDG for your project. However, you can only claim PIC on the amount not covered by the CDG so be sure to deduct the amount covered by the grant when claiming PIC in your tax returns!

I want to develop a corporate website. Can I apply for CDG for this?

Unfortunately, no. The CDG is meant for projects that develop your business’ capabilities. A simple corporate website will not qualify for this grant. Instead, you need to use this grant to develop tools that will help enable your business to develop new products and services, register new intellectual property, etc.

Can I pay you and my other service vendors after the grant is disbursed?

As much as we would like to extend generous payment options to our clients, the CDG requires that you pay all your vendors and submit the invoices before SPRING disburses the grant.

Interested in what the CDG can do for you? Our specialists can help you with the application process.