Bring your online store to the next level with a virtual reality showroom. Never be constrained by limited space again.

Create your own VR showroom to bridge the gap between the digital world and the physical world, and take advantage of all the benefits of a digital showroom, with one huge advantage over a 2D space: your customers get an immersive experience that is akin to visiting your physical showroom.

You now have unlimited space to display your furniture to show off their best. No more cramming rows upon rows of chairs on a wall. Instead, work with an interior designer to create a living space that shows off how your furniture adds value to your customers’ lives. Link your online shop to your VR showroom to drive qualified site traffic to your e-commerce website, and make it easier than ever for customers to buy from you.

Our solution also enables you to empower your customers to shop with augmented reality (AR). Yes, that’s right – the very same technology that made Pokémon Go such a hit! Using our app, your customers can superimpose 3D renderings of your furniture wherever they want in their own homes. This lets them see which of your selection would be the best fit, without the trouble of having to visit a physical store and trying to visualise the furniture in their home.

Using our app is easy. Simple sign up with us and send us photos of your furniture, and we will do the work of turning your photos into a 3D rendering. You are now free to use the 3D rendering in your VR showroom! No extra bulky or expensive equipment is needed.  All you need is a pair of VR goggles and an iPhone or Android smartphone to experience the immersive wonders of VR.

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