Your chosen web agency has handed over your e-commerce website, and you’re ready to upload your items and open up shop! Or are you?

There are two major components that make up an e-commerce website’s content: images, and copy. Clear, high-resolution photographs of your products are integral to selling your product online for one very simple reason: people like to see what they’re buying.

But you shouldn’t focus all your energies on getting fantastic photos of your products and neglect the website copy! The product descriptions work in conjunction with the photos and are no less important to selling your products. Depending on the type of product your site is selling, it may not be effective enough to have plain, straightforward product descriptions. The tone of voice has to be appropriate to your business and website.

Whether you need a copy with a professional and corporate tone or flowery and fanciful details or even funny, pun-laden text, the team at UtoMedia can come up with the appropriate descriptions to capture the spirit of your business. We will also ensure that we adhere to SEO and SEM best practices to help optimise your website.

Appeal to your target audience with the right tone of voice. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation today!