Don’t ever let the lack of physical space restrain your business. Use an e-commerce platform together with our VR and AR solutions for a cutting-edge solution to your problem.

Integrate a virtual reality (VR) showroom with augmented reality (AR) functions with your e-commerce website design and development to bring a brand-new experience to your customers. Display your furniture to their best advantage in a photorealistic VR showroom, with links to purchase the specific items directly from your website.

The AR function will enable your customers to see the item they are interested in directly in the space they want to place it. They do this by overlaying a 3D rendering of the item in the space intended for the item. Your customers will be able to easily switch between different options to see which looks best, all in the comfort of their own home! Not sure how to create a 3D rendering? No worries, just send us beautiful images of your furniture and we’ll do it for you!

The online store that you develop with us comes with our great e-commerce features:

  • Product listing with space for text description and image gallery with space for videos in carousel format
  • Responsive website design so it works on tablets and mobile phones, especially important to utilise the AR feature
  • Secure checkout with multiple secure payment options available, including third-party payment options such as PayPal
  • Easy checkout system with guest checkout available
  • Dynamic shopping cart for best online shopping experience
  • Smart algorithm to suggest other products site users may like
  • Unlimited categories and items
  • Well-designed breadcrumbs trail for easy navigation
  • Enable the filtering of search results by price, colour, material etc
  • Sale and discount function
  • Loyalty programmes and discount codes
  • Gift voucher function
  • Prime positions for banner ads, promotional banners and more
  • Ability to select preferred delivery timeslot
  • Analytics for site traffic

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