Technology can elevate the process of getting fit. Pair your mobile app’s functionality with the fitness community’s goals to attract this market.

The fitness industry in Singapore is changing. Gone are the days when heading to a big name gym was the epitome of fitness. With the advent of smartphone adoption and increased capabilities, exercise has now become linked to smartphone mobile apps. From fitness trackers to dietary aids, if you have an idea for mobile app development, we can develop it. Here are just some of the features that we can implement for you:

  • Monetise your mobile app via one-off payment, monthly subscription or free with ad integration
  • Include videos, illustrations or photo sequences of exercise routines to follow, categorise by targeted body part, time taken, intensity or difficulty level
  • Track calories intake and incorporate a food database into the mobile app
  • Track calories burnt
  • Track water intake
  • Recommend exercises and routines base on age, fitness level, targeted body part, etc
  • Pedometer function
  • GPS-enabled to track running, cycling or swimming distances & routes
  • Provide analytics such as fastest speed, average speed, total distance, average distance, etc
  • Social media integration with the mobile app so users can add friends, post updates to social media platforms, share achievements, etc
  • Pair with devices such as fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors, etc
  • Incorporate a music library or allow the phone’s music mobile app to run simultaneously to provide a soundtrack to exercising
  • Gamify exercise by including preset achievements or medals, or let users set their own goals
  • Recipes section with recommended recipes to fulfill fitness goals such as bulking, weight loss, clean eating and more
  • Story-based run or walk workout
  • Link mobile app to website where users can log in to continue tracking their stats
Have more ideas? We can build it for you, just drop us a line to arrange for an obligation-free consultation!