Consumers love shopping at online marketplaces, and where there is demand, supply will follow. Provide a well-designed marketplace to facilitate these transactions and build a stronghold in the online e-commerce scene.

Online marketplaces have a multitude of benefits to consumers. They gain access a massive range of goods from multiple sellers, which leads to competitive pricing and differentiation of products and services offered, all backed by a robust and reliable purchasing framework provided by the marketplace. This means that users flock to well-populated online marketplaces, and if you want to create one of your own, UtoMedia has the expertise to build one for you with the following features.

For sellers:
  • Personalised shopfront
  • Unlimited categories for items
  • Vouchers and shop coupons
  • Dynamic cart with items from different sellers clearly demarcated
  • Individual shipping charges from different sellers
  • Individual shop policies so that sellers can determine their own shop policies such as returns and refunds
  • Buyers can review sellers and items
  • Reviews can be sorted by recent, rating, most useful, etc
  • Multiple payment methods with third party payment providers such as PayPal supported
  • Q&A section
  • Contact seller function
  • Individualised EDM/newsletter function
  • Mobile app for sellers to manage their accounts – receive notifications of orders, view the status of each order, notifications of any activity on their shops e.g. question, contact, order
  • Buttons to share on social media on each item listing page
  • Carousel format gallery for item images; can support video if seller chooses to upload
For buyers:
  • Quick view of items
  • Gift cards purchase
  • Option to open dispute
  • Mobile app for buyers to shop on their phones
  • Responsive design to support mobile shopping on browsers
For site administrators:
  • Promotional tools e.g. banner space, featured items, featured sellers, campaigns
  • Charge sellers a transaction fee only upon successful sales to provide a risk-free platform
  • Two types of accounts available for registration: buyer and seller accounts
  • Scalable hosting
  • Option of enabling guest checkout and one-click purchase
  • Analytics
  • Store and brand directories

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