Whether you’re running a cafe, a restaurant, a hawker stall or anything in between, you can tap on technology to maximise customer flow and profits. Here’s how.

At UtoMedia, we have the expertise to develop an online reservation system for your F&B outlet that goes beyond simple table reservation functionality. In addition to simply selecting the user’s preferred time slot, number of diners and restaurant, the system can integrate any number of additional features. Some that we have developed include:

  • Designed such that the reservation bar right at the top for easy navigation
  • Responsive web design for easy access via mobile devices
  • Mobile app development integration support
  • Users can select the date, time, number of diners, cuisine, location or specific restaurant
  • Alternative restaurant suggestions based on cuisine or location if specified restaurant isn’t available
  • Discounts or promotions with partner restaurants. Amount of discount can be based on booking time, or a flat rate. Partner restaurants can also offer perks for booking through your system, such as complimentary dessert or drinks
  • Promotional spaces for featured restaurants, cuisines, etc
  • List view or pages for new restaurants added, popular restaurants, most viewed, most reserved, alphabetical order and by cuisine
  • Ability to upload current or sample menu, or special event menus for Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc
  • Newsletter and EDM function
  • Loyalty programme to encourage users to continue using your booking site
  • Blog/Articles/Guides/Recommendations
  • Ratings and reviews by users
  • Ability for restaurants to respond to reviews
  • Search by map
  • Search nearby
  • Social media integration
  • Ability to login with social media accounts
  • Integrate online order for pickup at store
  • Integrate with queue numbering system
  • Integrate delivery services
  • Search marketing services

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