Link-up tuition providers with students and parents to tap into the burgeoning education market in Singapore.

The education industry in Singapore is big business, and to capture your share of this market you need to be online. A portal that connects tutors and tuition centres to students and parents is one way of facilitating this industry, and we have the know-how to build it for you.

UtoMedia can create a tuition web portal with varying features for different users:

Tuition Agencies/Centres

Access a host of management tools such as:

  • Calendar function to automate scheduling classes
  • Create a resource database for your registered tutors, including examination papers
  • Generate reports on student results, attendance and more from each class, level or tutor for both internal evaluation as well as dissemination to parents
  • Enable tutors to log work hours to calculate commission
  • Offer online courses for e-learning, including live streaming of lessons and online testing
  • Issue e-certificates for tests or completion of courses
  • Communication module provides channel to contact tutors, parents and students to disseminate information such as holiday closures and enable feedback

Empower yourself with an array of features to manage your time:

  • Register yourself to join the tutor directory that agencies, parents and students can search
  • Upload a profile with information such as specialised tutoring subjects and levels, your qualifications, teaching experience, as well as preferred locations and charges
  • Scheduling module enables you to automatically schedule recurring lessons, indicate available timeslots for one-on-one consultation or lessons and more
  • Create online course materials and tests or conduct live lessons in the e-learning module
  • Assignment module can automatically match tutors to students, or allow either party to apply for an assignment. Both sides can choose to accept or reject matches as well as receive notification of matches
Parents & Students

Find all the information you need and on a one-stop tuition portal:

  • Search through the database of registered tutors and filter results by subject, level, cost and location to contact tutors or tuition centres directly
  • Alternatively, indicate requirements and wait for tutors to contact you
  • Send feedback to the tuition agency directly via feedback channels
  • Participate in forums to discuss syllabus, tutors, enrichment classes and more

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