Harness the art of storytelling and reel in your potential customers.

Advertorials are a great tool in your marketing arsenal, and if you haven’t used them yet, you should! Advertorials are structured like articles, or editorials, but are paid to promote a company or product. They are usually tagged as “sponsored” or “brought to you by”.

Using advertorials provides several benefits over native advertisements:

  • Leverage the credibility of the publication you are advertising in
  • Advertorials can sell your product or service better
  • By giving readers useful information, you provide a solution to a problem that they have. This builds goodwill, something very, very valuable in business
  • You also establish credibility as an expert
  • Readers are more likely to engage with your advertorial because the sales pitch is subtler
  • This builds rapport with potential customers

It is important to have an ideal customer in mind when crafting an editorial. What makes them tick? What attracts them, and what problems do they have? How does your product solve them? By presenting your product as a solution, you create a happy ending to the story you present to the reader in your advertorial. Everyone loves a happy ending, so it’s a win-win for you and your audience.

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