Build the right network for businesses to flourish. Help employers and employees come together with an effective search portal.

Finding the right match between employer and employee can be tricky, and this is where job portals come into play. A job portal developed by UtoMedia will empower various users with different features:

Employment Agencies

Make use of management features such as:

  • Create and maintain profiles for employers
  • Use the job management module to post, view and update job listings on behalf of employers or let them do it themselves
  • Manage master files such as locations, specialisations and more via administrator tools
  • Post employment resources containing tips and tricks to help job seekers
  • Provide an English language assessment module
  • Retain overall control over employer and job seeker content
  • Use the content management system (CMS) to easily update banners, news and promotions to direct traffic on the site
  • Send email notifications of job matches with the newsletter module

You will have various tools at your disposal:

  • Create an account to upload profiles and job listings
  • Manage your posted information via the employment module and easily change the status of your job listings from open to closed
  • The employment module also allows you to actively search through the job seeker database to invite qualified candidates for interviews or choose to be automatically matched
  • Get notified if a job seeker accepts your interview
  • Receive reports on response rates of your job listings via the analytics module
  • Access resources to make your job listing more attractive to qualified candidates
Job Seekers

Job hunting can be stressful even at the best of times. Make this process as smooth as possible with the following features:

  • Registering an account to upload your CV, enabling prospective employers to search for you
  • Use the management module to save positions that interest you for future consideration
  • View application history and interview requests
  • View prospective employer’s profile page, rating and reviews
  • Leave ratings and reviews on employer’s profile page
  • Access career resources such as CV crafting tips and language assessment tests
  • Receive notifications of job matches directly in your inbox

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