Deliver the information that people are craving with a news mobile app that is customised to your audience.

From political developments to entertainment gossip to local happenings, there aren’t many people in the general populace nowadays who don’t keep abreast of current affairs. Implement features to your news mobile app development that will add value to the news stories that you provide your readers with.

  • Monetise the mobile app with ad and banner space, pop-up advertisements and native advertising
  • Unlimited categories for stories
  • Combine news feeds from various sources
  • Tags for news stories
  • Ticker-tape for breaking news headlines
  • Push notifications for breaking news or sports alerts
  • Allows users to filter news stories by date
  • Implement accessibility features such as a read-to-me feature for visually impaired and ability to adjust font size
  • Share to social media function for stories
  • Enable account creation or social media login for users to personalise their mobile app experience: choose categories of interest to view first, recommended stories of interest based on past viewing history, etc
  • Enable the submission of news stories, alerts, ideas, letters or commentary
  • Comment on stories of interest
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