Singaporeans spend over 12 hours in gadgets daily, mainly on their mobile phones. While on their phones, the bulk of their time is spent using communication apps. Don’t you want to reach your customers where they spend so much of their time?

A chatbot is a programme that interacts with your customers (and, more importantly, potential customers) using a chat interface. It performs an automated task either triggered by commands or AI-based. This service could be used for customer retention by creating more interactions with customers, customer services, customer acquisition etc, and it could live in any major chat app such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack, WhatsApp or Telegram.

Some of the most famous chatbots around now are Apple’s Siri, Android’s Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Developing AI-based chatbots like these require resources that the average SME cannot afford. But this does not mean that SMEs can’t leverage the benefits of chatbots! Command-based chatbots are much cheaper to develop, and extremely accessible. Here are some of the benefits a chatbot brings to SMEs:

  • Disseminate simple information to customers such as opening hours or branch locations with no waiting times (compared to a phone hotline) or data wastage (if looking up this information online)
  • Answer FAQs
  • Broadcast marketing materials
  • Data Analytics

As a bonus, you can personalize the personality of your chatbot development to truly represent your company’s culture! Let customers self-serve in the areas of customer support, e-commerce, real estate and more to gain greater levels of customer satisfaction.

Begin building your own chatbot to automate more of your business processes today.