Strategise to combine the most appropriate marketing techniques with the most important elements of mobile app design and development to capture, captivate and keep your target customers.

We take the time to discover what you want your mobile app to accomplish and craft a strategy that sets you on track to achieving these goals while remaining consistent with your company values. Depending on your aims for the app, our mobile app strategists will map out a customised user experience that is truly functional and valuable to users.

In addition, we will make sure your new mobile app development appeals visually to your target demographic. At first glance, mobile app design may seem similar to mobile website design. But in reality, there are many different factors to take into account – key among them being user patterns. UtoMedia will create a goal-driven user interface with our clients, one that is attractive yet practical to engage users and keep them coming back. We will discover what product or service your customers are looking for and make this easy to access via the app.

Ease of navigation will be taken into account when designing the app, which will be optimised to minimise or eliminate experiences that can cause users to stop using the app. Don’t let a “fat finger” complaint kill the app for a user!

Finally, we will build the app and conduct extensive testing to ensure the app works as it should across a cross-section of devices. Security features will be built into the app, not just bolted on as an afterthought as a customers’ data leak would spell a PR disaster, so security is of utmost importance. Analytics are available so that you can track what users are doing with the app – invaluable information for your business. We ensure that there is a feedback channel that is intuitive to use too so that users can easily get in contact. In this age of instant gratification, we also ensure that your app loads fast enough that users don’t simply close it and move on to the next item on their agenda.

Get in touch with us to create a mobile app that truly works for you.