Raise conversion rates, gain qualified sales leads and increase site traffic with high ROI and low capital outlay. Sounds too good to be true? Not with our SEM services.

Search engine marketing (SEM) makes use of paid search advertising, and has several components to it:

  • Paid listings on a search engine results page
  • Advertisements that display on a search engine’s network of websites (Placement Advertising)
  • Advertisements that show based on the content of the website you are browsing (Contextual Advertising)
  • Retargeting users who have visited your website before and have moved on to other websites within the search engine’s content network

All of these work together to form a very effective method of increasing your online presence. Your marketing messages are targeted to relevant audiences, meaning you get highly qualified site traffic – people who click through to your website are already interested in your product or service, so you have a high chance of converting your site traffic to paying customers.

You never have to worry about your budget either, regardless of whether you are charged “per-click” (PPC) or “per-thousand-impressions” (PPM), as you can set your daily budget. Once your budget has been met, your ad will be pulled and you won’t have to pay a single cent more.

SEM and SEO work the best when their strategies are used in tandem for search marketing purposes, so we strongly suggest investing in both. Search engine and major social media platforms now each have their own network in which you can advertise – discover more about the reach of each network here.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our search marketing specialists who will be able to craft a marketing strategy tailored to your needs and budget.