Statistics from Google show that 89% of smartphone users between age 25 to 34 make purchases online. Younger adults aged 18 to 24 aren’t far behind – 88% of them use smartphones to make online purchases. Capitalise on this market by developing your own e-commerce online shopping app with UtoMedia.

We have the capability to build two different types of e-commerce mobile app development for you: marketplace mobile apps and online store mobile apps. A marketplace allows different sellers to use your platform to sell to consumers, while an online store app is specific to one seller.

Marketplace mobile apps will have several features that are unique to it:

  • Users can register as buyer or seller
  • Each seller gets their own storefront
  • Sellers have access to dashboard to update their storefront with products, edit product listings, upload photos, etc
  • Notifications for new orders, questions, etc
  • Able to dealing with enquiries
  • Update order fulfillment status

It will also have features that are common with our custom online store mobile apps to create the most enjoyable mobile shopping experience:

  • Easily navigable layout
  • Space for abundance of clear images with image gallery
  • Include videos e.g. catwalk for fashion apparel
  • Dynamic shopping cart
  • Easy check out with guest checkout option
  • Secure payment
  • Support multiple payment options such as credit cards, bank transfer, mobile payments and third party payment options such as PayPal

Dedicated shopping apps have advantages over a mobile responsive website. Namely, the shopping process is shorter, quicker to load and completely optimized for mobile in a way that even a mobile responsive website may not be able to duplicate, further more you will have better customer retention and engagement.

Still unsure if a mobile shopping app is for you? Let us advise you on the appropriate solution for your business!