20 August 2019

The 7 Best Sources of JavaScript Scripts

JavaScript or JS is easily the most used language on the internet and there are billions of sources for the Script for various purposes such as learning and simply using. Now, due to an abundance of choice, it can be rather demotivating to figure out where to start from. It can be difficult to sort through the sources before you start to use them or learn.

This is why this post has been written to help provide you with the 7 best sources of JavaScript scripts. The post contains the best sources which are used for website design, web design, website development and web development. Anyone starting out with JavaScript script would find the following sources useful.

  1. Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is the perfect place to start. It even has a nice organization of all of the topics so you can simply jump between different topics or go through it all. Some beginners have gotten stuck on FCC. It consists of codes which can be used to incorporate into your work. Interactive coding is one of the best things about the platform and it is absolutely free. Just about anyone can simply log in to use the platform and master JavaScript. Make sure to practice what you learn.

  1. Video Series

When it comes to learning to use or making use of JavaScript, the best source would be video series. They allow you the option to sit back and hit play while absorbing all of the resources efficiently and effectively. For instance, Modern JavaScript from the Beginning is a great JavaScript course which covers just about everything.

There is also the option to go through JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts as it covers the most fundamental topics so that you can make more sense of the code and use it effectively while reducing any chances of errors.

  1. Books

One of the best sources for JavaScript scripts is books. They are essential when it comes to learning a new language and using it more effectively. The language is more than interaction and it is about deep study so as to make use of the code.

Many of the books even offer existing code options which can be used to build your website upon. Website design Singapore companies, Web Design Singapore companies, Web development Singapore companies, and Website development Singapore companies continue to rely on certain books to offer their clients the best services or for their own business website.

One of the most highly recommended books which developers continue to rave about is Eloquent JavaScript. It is perfect for beginners of JavaScript. Some find it to teach too fast but it offers maximum utility. The book is entirely free and it is open source. A physical copy can be purchased as well, but reading online might be a good idea so that you can run and edit code samples that are offered. Tweak through the examples to see the changes and reinforce concepts.

  1. Reference

When looking for an up-to-date and reliable internet resource, MDN is a name that is widely known, especially in the world of JavaScript. MDN stands for Mozilla Developer Network and it is the best reference when using JavaScript.

In order to make use of a particular feature, MDN is the online source to use as it offers a thorough and an accurate description of how many of the specific features work. When searching for a JavaScript related question simply Google the questing by adding MDN so as to see what MDN has to say on the topic first. It is considered to be one of the best sources for JavaScript. Every Web design company and web development company makes use of this online resource for their everyday JavaScript related problem.

  1. Community

Perhaps, the best thing about using JavaScript is the fact that you are not alone. Many people use the language both on-line and off. By talking with other people about JavaScript and discussing the issues that you face, it allows one to level up their skills without even realizing it. It can be great to chat with people that are on a similar level or even above it to learn more about using the language.

One of the most useful resources, that is used by many JavaScript users worldwide is Reddit. There are a lot of Sub-Reddit users that help with using the language and it allows one to make use of the existing code that is available on the platform. However, make sure to test the code.

The best thing about Reddit is that it is not a read-only resource, but it allows one to post questions and get answers to their questions in real-time by JavaScript experts for free. Normally, most of the questions get answered. However, do not paste a massive load of code and ask users to check if it works or why it does not.

  1. IRC

IRC is a source which is used by JavaScript users on a daily basis 2 hours a day. There are people that are always chatting about JavaScript. They are always willing to answer the questions. Furthermore, one can see other people ask questions and even discuss with them to make their own concepts clear to write error-free code for JavaScript.

  1. GitHub

Finally, GitHub is the go-to source for every JavaScript user. It contains a list of algorithms and codes which can be used from the library that consists of hundreds of existing codes. The best thing about the resource is that it even allows users to test the code to ensure that it is error-free. There are various categories that are available and anyone can access them.

The platform is actually home to more than 36 million developers that are working together to review code and host it as well as build software together, manage projects and more. It is the ultimate destination for every JavaScript user and the best part is that it is free.


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