02 August 2019

The 7 Best Sources of PHP Scripts

PHP is one of the most interesting languages out there since much of it actually exists as modular chunks of code which could be run independently of each other. This leads to sharing of code being easy for someone else as they can simply plug it into their own website and have it working right out of the box.

Sometimes, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. When you are maintaining or even developing a PHP-based website and are considering adding new features, then there is simply nothing wrong with using freely available code. It will help save energy and much precious time which could be spent on other things.

This is why making use of PHP script resources come in handy. Even if one does not use them as it is, they can still make use of them as scaffolds for their own code or for learning to better understand PHP. PHP is the language that is used by Wikipedia and Facebook for serving billions of requests on a daily basis. It has become de-facto language that is used for teaching people website programming, web design, website design, website development, web development and more. It is simple and importantly powerfully.

Word of Advice before Using PHP Scripts

When download PHP scripts from the internet, you need to be extra careful. Never believe that the code is harmless and do not assume that the code has been tested by someone. Even if a website makes claims of having checked all of the code before they put it up for download, simply assume otherwise.

It is likely for PHP scripts to be malicious. That page hit counter script which you had downloaded? It is possible for it spread spyware malware, malware viruses and so on. Therefore, when you do start to think of all the things which could possibly go wrong when browsing through the internet, the web might seem like a scary place. There is no possible way to be sure until you have combed through the entire script so as to understand what each single line of the code does. It is easy to disguise malicious code.

Finally, a lot of the PHP resource sites might be old and some have been around for a long time. Therefore, many of the scripts had been written for outdated versions of PHP and might not work efficiently out of the box, meaning that you would need to adapt them to the latest version of PHP or the one that you are running. However, if you are looking for reliable sources for PHP scripts which website design Singapore companies and Website development Singapore companies as well as Web development Singapore make use of, then the following 7 sources are just what you need.

  1. Hot Scripts

Hot Scripts run one of the largest collections of free scripts that can be found on the internet. It is used by Web Design Singapore companies as the PHP category alone has more than 9,700 scripts for download. Furthermore, there are even categories for Flash, JavaScript and HTML5 which making it the ultimate destination for Web development Singapore companies.

The PHP scripts are even divided into many of their own subcategories. There are just too many scripts to choose from. What makes the PHP source stand out is the fact that each of the script is rated and reviewed which helps save time, and the one needed can be downloaded.

  1. Script Dungeon

Another popular source for PHP scripts that a web design company and a web development company use is Script Dungeon. It is quite similar to Hot Scripts, except the fact that the repository is much smaller. There are only hundreds that are available on Script Dungeon but it is still worth checking out as you would find some good ones depending on what you are looking for.

Besides, the interface on Script Dungeon is simply better. It still gives the 90s feelings and everything is simply easier to navigate. Plus, one could even sort the results according to popularity and newness which is something that is possible on Hot Scripts.

  1. Seek Scripts

There is only one big difference between Seek Scripts and the abovementioned sits. You would find plenty of scripts categories such as News Publishing, Financial Tools, Chat Scripts, Ad Management and many more. However, the site itself does not host the scripts and instead it would link out the site of the creator.

This means that you would come across scripts that are not available in any of the other repositories. But, there are no reviews, no scripts rating and just a short paragraph description which means you would have to spend more time searching for the desired script.

  1. H Scripts

This source should not be confused with Hot Scripts as it has a smaller collection that is provided by the website itself. There are no off-site links or user submissions. It means that there is less variety and selection. However, it also means that there is no need to worry about variance in the quality. Each of the script even comes with its own demo which one can try out.

  1. PHP Jabbers

PHB Jabbers is much smaller than H Scripts but it is similar. The site has over 30 free scripts which are available and can be used. Before downloading any of the scripts, a free account would need to be created. Each script comes with a proper description.

  1. Code Canyon

Code Canyon is not free but it offers PHP scripts of the highest quality. Instead of hiring a programmer to do what you want, you can simply browse through the paid marketplace and choose the script that suits your needs. You would have to pay depending on how advanced the script is.

  1. PHP Compactor

Finally, PHP compactor offers a library which will help you find PHP code in record time. It is highly recommended. It can be used to get an idea of the size of projects by simply comparing the real number of characters that are required for running that class.



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