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    All You Need to Know Before Choosing Web Hosting and Domain Name

    You are on your first step towards your own website! Having Website Design and Development, firstly you need to choose the right web hosting service and a suitable domain name for your website. We have talked about this on the previous article. We also have explained that a domain name is your address on the […]

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    How to Create a Website with 6 Free Hassle Steps

    Website is essential for any business to have in this era. People will instantly Googled something the minute they curious about it. Imagine if there are people who look for your product online but your brand isn’t there. Those pennies will slip out of your hands and fall into your competitors. Soon, their name will […]

  • 17
    4 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Do With Their Websites

    In the early stage of a business, entrepreneurs will likely choose to design website themselves rather than hire a pro due to cost-efficiency reason. While it is a friendly choice for the finance department, it does not mean it is the best option for your website. Website design is not an everyday duty that most […]

  • 09
    After Android Development, What’s Next?: How to Properly Monetize Your Apps

    As one of the most used mobile operating system in the world beside iOs, Android offers an unlimited opportunity to make money. These past years android apps have shown a remarkable growth rate of 16.7%, while iOs apps could only reach 6.7%. And with the current trends, it will certainly get bigger. Android app market […]

  • 03
    Android Apps Development Trend You Shoudn’t Miss Out in 2018

    Android, as one of the most common mobile operating system besides iOs, has become an integral part of our daily life. From gaming to security, our every need can be satisfied just by tapping the screen. For millennial society, this convenience is an ultimate charm. The prove? By 2017, 254 billion of android apps was […]

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    Does Your Web Design Really Give You Sales?

    Businesses, both in Singapore and worldwide, spend a lot of time, energy, and fortune to create an interesting website design. They do this hoping that their visitors will take the next step: buying their product. Sadly, visiting your website doesn’t mean people will buy your product. Leave alone buying, usually only less than <15% of […]

  • 19
    Website Design and Development: Why You Need A Responsive Web Design

    In today’s generation, we tend to get more information through the use of the Internet. However, gone were the days when people only surf the web through desktop computers. Today, people mostly use smaller screen devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This calls for a review in all sort of mediums just to be […]

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    Facts and Takeaways of Web Design Singapore

    Exceptional Singapore website design services have a fair understanding of these things. They need to produce the kind of website design that their clients need to engage their audience and gain higher ROI. If you are looking for a website design service, make sure that they will consider these facts and takeaways as they plan your web design.

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    Instant Apps Development: Try Out Games Now on Play Store

    The development entices both Android apps users and businesses. It is clearly appealing to us users when we got to see how the app will run rather than spend over 80MB of data for something which is not our taste. In business point of view, it is extremely helpful to engage people through samples. Rather than giving out demo version, Instant App version is way lighter and have the upper hand as it doesn’t require an installation.

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