• 08
    Optimize Your E-commerce Product Page to Boost Conversions

    The prediction on the growth of the US e-commerce sale is expected to get a whopping 638 billion dollars by the turn of the year 2022. With this rapid growth in the sector, brands want to take the most advantage of the situation. But the reality shows that there are several brands that are still […]

  • 03
    The Basics of CSS in Web Design

    Cascading Style Sheets or CCS for short is one of the most important languages for creating attractive web pages. Knowing the basics of CSS will help you with web design. This post explains all the basics of CSS to ensure that you have an idea about it. There are certain prerequisites to CSS which include […]

  • 27
    Benefits of Mobile-Website Optimization

    The technology on the internet is changing for the better with every passing day. The rapid growth in the use of mobile devices by every adult is of great advantage to business owners. They will reap the benefits if they are able to set-up a mobile-friendly website design. What are the benefits of doing this? […]

  • 21
    The Pros and Cons of PHP in Website Creation

    PHP is one of the most popular programming languages for website development. It had been designed by Rasmus Lerdorf as it was evolving since. Being a general purpose programming language, PHP is used primarily for developing websites. Some of the leading social networking sites like Facebook and well-known organization like Harvard University have websites that […]

  • 14
    How Bootstrap Has Revolutionized the World of Web Design

    The digital world has been changing rapidly since the development of many powerful programming languages. One of the programming languages that have taken the world by a storm is Bootstrap. It has truly revolutionized the world of website design.  Web designers can truly benefit from it. The front-end framework can easily be developed with CSS, […]

  • 09
    5 Common Web Design Mistakes

    You’ve probably been sitting there for hours gazing at your picture-perfect website. It’s got the information about the product and flawless web design. Then, where is the mistake? What is it that doesn’t appeal to your target customers? Why are the sales through online marketing just not coming through?   If you have these questions, […]

  • 02
    5 Reasons That Prove That Redesigning Your Website Will Boost Sales

    Internet is the hub for all businesses today. Even if your business is a small store, chances are that you’ll make double the profits if you make your store known to the internet and its users. But making a website that actually makes your customer want to browse through it to know more about your […]

  • 27
    Top 12 Web Design Trends to Watch Out in 2019

      Here comes 2019, and we are coming closer to the final part of the decade. These last ten years have been a witness to the rapid digital transformation and we got to experience the new shifts in technology.   Technological advancements such as machine learning and AI have led to websites becoming smarter. In […]

  • 17
    This Is Why You Need A Competent Web Design Company

    For many companies in Singapore, having a website is, without doubt, a necessity. Whether you already have a physical storefront, creating a credible and professional looking profile online as well is crucial to the success of your business. As the world becomes more digitally inclined, everyone looks for services online before they even think of […]

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