• 16
    This Is How to Get Your Website Design Look Good on Smartphones

    Everything goes mobile nowadays. And to have an awfull-looking mobile version website is a mistake that will hit your business hard. This is an ultimate fact that almost every website designer in Singapore knows. But the question is, how do we get our website to look good in mobile browsers?   One Website Design for […]

  • 03
    Another Core Algorithm Update relates to Website Design, Google Confirms

    According to Google’s post on Twitter, they are going to release a “broad core algorithm update” this Monday and it has come about the website experience includes website design and development. Google also pointed out that this is just a routine update which is done throughout the year and even referenced their statement from their […]

  • 27
    5 Popular Web Design Techniques You Must Avoid

    There are a lot of things to consider when doing your website design. You need to have an artistic mind, visualization that suits the user’s perspective combined with great technical skills that will be your tool for the conversion of visualized design into profound creativeness. However, there are certain web design techniques that must be […]

  • 20
    Best Mobile Apps Design and Development Company – Who to Choose?

    Mobile apps development is currently a hot field considering the fact that more people are looking for useful apps that can help their business, customers and earn income. Here are some considerations when choosing a mobile application developer: How much development do you need? Determine the kind of development that you need. If you need […]

  • 13
    Top 5 Characteristics of an Effective Mobile Apps Developer

    Mobile application developers do not simply need a qualified experience, they also need several qualities to effectively perform their tasks and uphold quality at its finest. A mobile apps developer is there to connect your vision into actual application that will help your consumers and enhance the effectivity of your company’s scope.   Here are […]

  • 05
    8 Qualities of a Web Designer in Singapore Should Have

    Website design is a necessary component to the success of your business. Finding the right web designer can be tough and time-consuming and engaging with reliable website design company is really important because it guides you with proper navigation of the website, brand consistency, SEO, the right positioning of content, and advise you on the […]

  • 29
    Top 4 Web Design Trends This 2018

    The World Wide Web is continuously moving in a fast pace. The trends that became a big hit last year might lose its spot this year. Therefore, it is important to cope with the changes that the web design world has to offer, otherwise, you will see yourself being left behind. 2018 is another year […]

  • 22
    Google Pay Replacing Android Pay in Singapore: Bye Bye to Cash!

    Still carrying around a bunch of cash on your wallet? Why the hustle? The development of Android apps has been amazing these past years, especially in the e-payment department. 2 years ago, on September 11, 2015, to be exact, Google has developed a digital payment platform called Android Pay. This Android-based app allows its users […]

  • 08
    Cool Website Design in Singapore You’ll Want to Have

    When you surf the net and looking for the tips on how to design a great website, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a bunch of useful advice. But sometimes, what we need is more than just a theory and abstract guidance. We need an example. But then I remember a friend who asked, “Is […]

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