• 02
    5 Way to Measure the Success of Your SEO Campaign

    Investing in search engine optimisation (SEO) goes without saying in this day and age. We’ve repeated it over and over and over, that SEO is necessary to prevent your website from being lost online. But how do you know that the money you are pouring into SEO is really working? How do you determine if […]

  • 15
    5 Digital Marketing Trends that Help Drive Sales

    Digital marketing is a potent marketing tool that businesses should be taking full advantage of. The flexibility and reach that digital marketing provides is far greater than traditional advertising, with the added benefits of potentially being much cheaper. If you are still wondering how digital marketing can help your business, check out these 5 digital […]

  • 03
    Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality

    UtoMedia’s augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions enable our clients to bring all-new immersive experiences to their customers, but what exactly is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality? If you’re confused, don’t worry! We’re going to clear it all up in today’s post.

  • 13
    Possible and Impossible: Online Marketing Techniques and What You Can Expect

    When developing a new website, whether in Singapore or elsewhere, search engine optimisation (SEO) services are non-negotiable. Together with search engine marketing (SEM), these are two major forms of online marketing that are indispensable in today’s digital climate. SEO and SEM have numerous benefits: Very low costs compared to traditional advertising. You set your own […]

  • 06
    9 Key Parts of Website Design and Development for SEO

    Website design and development are extremely important to search engine optimisation (SEO). The way a website is designed has a great impact on SEO, as search engines right now are still incapable of viewing and understanding information the way a human does. Therefore, to ensure that your website ranks well on search engine results pages […]

  • 29
    5 Aspects of Web Development To Ask Your Developers

    So you’re thinking of having a new website developed. There could be many reasons for this: your company is undergoing a rebranding exercise, you want to take advantage of grants from the government, your old website didn’t work well or you’re just hankering after something fresh, new and exciting.

  • 22
    IT Show 2017 Post Show Report

    UtoMedia was hired by Exhibits Inc Pte. Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd (wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)), to work on several aspects of the IT Show 2017. The IT Show is one of Singapore’s largest consumer tech fairs, held annually over three levels at Suntec Singapore.

  • 15
    5 Keywords You Must Hear from Your Chosen SEO Agency

    Search engine optimization – SEO is indispensable in today’s digital climate, and you’ve decided to employ the services of a SEO agency. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards effective online marketing. But how do you know if the company you’ve approached is the right one for you? Don’t worry; we’ve got a quick checklist for […]

  • 09
    3 Problems and the Solutions for Successful Online Marketing

    First things first: what is online marketing? It’s actually really straightforward. Any tactic that gets your company name out there on the internet is considered online marketing. Examples include search engine optimization – SEO, search engine marketing – SEM, social media marketing – SMM and even good old EDM blasts.

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